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Body massage Kiev Many have heard about this erotic massage Lviv and its miraculous […]

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Erotic massage in “Elixir” in Kiev

Эротический массажThe harsh rhythm of modern life inevitably leads to fatigue, emotional wear and tear and a complete breakdown. Constant emotional stress, stressful situations, the need to make decisions at a certain moment make your body and mind rebel. What a pity that in our life there is less and less time for ourselves, for the realization of our audacious desires, for pleasure. Negative emotions tend to accumulate. If they are not thrown out at the right moment, then the situation can turn into extremely unpleasant stress, conflict, depression … In this daily bustle it is necessary to find time for a pleasant rest. And what could be better than an erotic massage performed by a charming beauty? Erotic massage in Kiev in the salon is an excellent alternative to the traditional rest of a modern man. Elixir is a new erotic massage parlor, where charming girls will help you relieve stress, get away from the hassle of everyday life and simply get much-needed relaxation, diluting the useful practice of relaxing massage with erotic caresses. Our erotic massage salon Secret Room is located in the very center of Kiev, which becomes an undoubted advantage for a business person. Why “Elixir” in Kiev is an exclusive pleasure? We practice an individual approach to each client, making every effort to ensure that each visitor can get fantastic pleasure and unforgettable pleasure. Your attention is invited to a cozy atmosphere, a piquant atmosphere, warmed by the presence of a naked beauty, ready to fulfill your every desire, daring, unbridled, depraved! The virgins of our erotic massage salon will help you forget, be transported to the blissful paradise of erotic pleasures and plunge into the sensations of a frantic orgasm.

What is erotic massage?

Эромассаж в КиевеContrary to popular belief, erotic massage Lviv in the salon is not at all erotic caresses, the main purpose of which is the orgasm of one or both partners. Erotic massage in Kiev in the Elixir salon is a mysterious ritual of releasing erotic emotions through physical contact. During the session, the client receives a full body massage, accompanied by intimate caresses, and feelings and emotions are warmed up with sex accessories. Each massage session is individual. Combine and experiment with scenarios, release your sexual fantasy, relax and finally relax. While in ordinary life we ​​always stay within the framework, then crossing the threshold of the Elixir massage parlor you can forget about the framework and limitations, selfishly plunging into your own erotic pleasure. Here you will not think about how to please your partner and satisfy her. This is your time and only your sexual pleasure! Relax and feel who you want to be today: a seducer or a confused boy who first appeared in front of the naked beauty of a female body? What do you want more: tenderness and trepidation or brutality, control and submission? Nothing is impossible within the walls of our elite salon of intimate massage “Elixir”.

How to become our client?

We care about your comfort, so in order to make an appointment with one of our beauties, you just need to visit the website of our salon and choose one of the girls. In the telephone mode, you can agree on the time and duration of the meeting. In the salon you will be taken to a separate room, offering relaxing tea, invigorating coffee or a stronger drink to create a mood … And what will happen next …?

Behind a closed door …

Красивые девушки салонаIf you have never attended such sessions, then our girls will take you to the mysterious world of erotic pleasure, where you can feel a different taste of real sexual pleasure. If you have been to intimate massage sessions in other Kiev salons, then you will be pleasantly surprised to receive a qualitatively new, unforgettable pleasure!

Our girls completely surrender to your desires during a massage session. Strong, relaxing touches of gentle hands are replaced by touches of hot lips, a gentle tongue that slides over your body, going down lower and lower … Do you have enough strength to stop her …? Will you be able to give up the passionate caresses of a gentle girl, trembling in a frantic desire to caress your body until a real volcanic eruption? You will feel the most tender touch of naked breasts, hard papillae … Your gaze will see a charming picture of a luxurious, excited female body, full of passion and ready to indulge in an extravaganza of erotic pleasures!

Do you like more spicy and hot shows? Then your girl will turn into a frantic priestess of love, which cannot be stopped until she gets hers! What is “her own” for her? Find out now!

Our girls are excellent masters of erotic massage, there is nothing forbidden for them! Their gentle fingers will penetrate into the most secret places of your body! The use of oils and lubricants during the massage will enhance your enjoyment. Feel the gentle penetration of a small finger into the anal … And now the classic massage becomes not only an exciting intimate caress, but also a prostate massage, which, contrary to popular belief, becomes damn pleasant! Do not deny yourself the pleasure! Our girls are capable of a lot! And only by giving free rein to your imagination, you can fully taste the forbidden erotic pleasure!

There are also impromptu erotic shows in which lesbian girls pamper you with an unforgettable show! Want to join? Take action! The boundaries of “reasonable” in this erotic game are set by you!

It is difficult to convey all the variety of services in our salon, and it is simply impossible to recreate the erotic mood that prevails during each session with our girls! Create your own unique cocktail of erotic pleasures, experiment, combine and taste the most incredible combinations of pleasures with virgins in Elixir. Exclusive erotic massage in Kiev – a new format of erotic pleasure!